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    Academic module
    Center ISLAMABAD
    DATE 31-1-2018
    speaking part 1
    where are you from
    how far it is from your center
    do you like it
    Do you use dictationaries?why?
    would you like to write one?
    questions about music about 4 5
    part 2
    cue card topic
    time when you saved money
    how long did it took
    how you felt about it
    speaking part 3
    it was quite extensive
    why young people save money
    how children can save money
    difference between men and women in this regard
    should government spend more money on projects or not(wordings are not same)
    then she went into politics asked several questions about it..ahhhh
    finally with a smile she finished this task
    she said it was a good speaking test.i don’t know either it was a sweet gesture as a part of test or she was actually praising me.
    anyhow fingers crossed
    i would like ask something.i was able to talk quite fluently and confidenetly and at a length but i assume i was speaking too fast that i could have done much better at a slower pace.i replied to every question .didnot take any pause i dont know whether its something in my favour or not.
    good luck everyone

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