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    Hey everyone,
    I got my Speaking Test on 10th of August in Istanbul, Turkey. Here are my questions regarding the speaking test.

    Part 1: General questions about myself. Whether I work or study? How was my first day in the office? Then, she directed me the questions about holidays. What is my favorite holiday? Do you make plans before I go to holidays? What is the most important thing when I plan my hoildays. Do I like to check maps? Do I ever take cources to learn how to read maps? Which one is more useful; the paper map or electronical map?

    Part 2: I have been given a clue card to talk about the mobile phones and the biggest difference that made me in my life. I also had to talk about, when my first phone was bought? Who bought it? Why?..

    Part 3: This part was a bit funny for me because I was amazingly relaxed. The examiner asked me at what age mobile phones are given to the children. What is the difference between the previous times and now -of course regarding the mobile phones-. I have been told to talk about some disadvantages of mobile phones -which was my favorite question- What will happen to modern technology in the near future?

    These are the questions I remember so far. I hope everyone gets what s/he deserves.

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