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    Type: Academic
    Date: February, 23
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey
    Part 1:
    What’s your full name?
    How can I call you?
    Do you study or are you a student?
    What do you study? And where?
    What outdoor activities do you like most?
    As a child what was one outdoor activity you did most?
    Do you think universities should offer facilities for physical activities?
    Do you think universities in Turkey provide enough facilities for physical activities?
    Do you use dictionaries often?
    Which dictionary do you prefer? Paper dictionary or Electronic dictionary?
    How would you feel if somebody gave you a dictionary as a present?
    Part 2:
    Talk about the subject you find most interesting at school.
    What is it about?
    How long have you learned it?
    How is it taught?
    Why do you find it interesting?
    Part 3:
    Which one, do you think, is more important in education? Good teachers or facilities?
    How, do you think, teaching methods in a country are determined?
    What does your country aim for while selecting educational topics?
    Why do you think there is difference among different countries’ education systems?
    Do you think parents should be involved in determining educational topics?
    Would you think differently if parents in consideration were well-educated people?
    Although I wrote down these questions as soon as I got out of the exam room, there may be slight differences in words and parts that questions belong.

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