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    I and my wife gave Speaking Test on 10th Jan and LRW on 11th Jan following were the Questions for your all help in preparing.

    Speaking- Part-1 Where you have been living? What do you dislike about you place? Will you stay here or relocate?
    Part-2 Speak for 2 mins on recent gift you gave mention to whom, when and how he/she felt?
    Part-3 all questions were linked to Gifting Do you give gifts often? What kind of gifts are popular? Are parents in pressure to give too many gifts to kids? Is it good for kids to get everything? How does gifting helps Two countries? All examiners were Native. I gave test in Gurgaon.

    My wife’s Speaking Test was one hour later to my.
    Part -1 Questions were absolutely same.
    *Her Part-2 was bit tough* her topic was on *VOICE MODULATION*
    Part-3 question were also Based on Voice Modulation Has you voice changed over period of time? How voice modulation helps?

    Prepare for Voice Modulation it’s difficult topic I feel. Reading is same as we practice no Change. Map and diagram labelling didnt come. Part 3 Para was about popular Sushi 🍣 Chef Imada and her Restraunt success journey. With questions of which Para information is given? Information was twisted and paraphrased not straight forward.

    Writing Part-1 apology letter to friend for not visiting during last visit.
    Part-2 about Earlier days Clothes used to be as per culture now clothes are more similar around the world. Is it a postive change or Negative? Hope this helps. BEST OF LUCK.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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