IELTS Exam – Italy – June 3 2017

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    Hi Atul.,..My IELTS tests are over
    Listening was easy
    Fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions. Only these types of questions.
    1: psychology in children.
    2: meat consumption and vegetarian diet
    3: symbols
    Above headings are not exact, I just guessed.
    Map : task 1
    Task 2: some nations have introduced a law to limit the hours that employer ask employ to work. Why this law is introduced?
    Is it a positive or negative development?

    Part 1
    Name, work or studying, watch, magazine, television
    Part 2
    A popular place where people go for swimming
    Where, why, how it looks like, who goes there
    Part 3
    Sports facilities in your area
    Who should teach children swimming
    What the government can do to ensure adequate availablity of sports facilities
    She asked only few questions, so tensed. Thank you for your support.

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