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    Hi ,
    Today (26 October) was my speaking interview in Jaipur India
    Part 1
    Where are you from?
    Where have you been right now?
    Why have you been there ?
    And so many cross questions about that this
    Some questions were on painting and drawing
    Do you like painting?
    Then why?
    How important is for you ?
    Again why?
    Did you ever draw any painting?
    Would you like if someone will draw a painting of you?
    Next topic was on food
    Where do you prefer to eat food?
    Cross question why?
    How often do you cook?
    Why some people interested in cooking?
    Part 2
    Cue card topic
    A place far away from your place where you would like to visit
    When you will visit
    How you would visit
    Follow up questions
    Related to traveling
    What are the places in India where people visit most?
    Why ?
    How important for young people to make plan for Hollyday?
    How long people take Hollyday ?
    Cross question Why?
    All related to traveling..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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