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    speaking test -14th august
    when i entered the room, the examiner’s recording device was not working, so she told me to wait outside was saying sorry again and again, it said its ok, then one man came and replaced that device, she called me in room after waiting 5 to 7 minutes, she was saying sorry i had to make you outside ..
    then she greeted me and allowed me to take a seat
    Part 1-
    general interview about name, study, subjects,why you choose that subject, that college and
    do you save money??? did u save money when you were child,?? how u saved??
    should parents teach their childen how to save money?? and why???
    PART 2
    sport u watched but never took part in…
    what that sport?
    where u watched?
    why you want to take part??
    Part 3- all about sports again,
    what sport famous in India,
    why some people are die hard fans of some teams,
    what are advantages and disadvantages of that..
    at the end of speaking,she stood up and shaked hands with me.. and said all the best with smile,what does that mean????

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