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    Hi all
    had my writing and speaking test.
    Date : 6 -7 January 2017
    Location: jalandhar , India
    Module : Academic
    Writing :-
    Task 1:- line chart about number of marriages and divorces take place in United kingdom from 1950 to 2000.
    Task 2:- Humans tend to copy one another, especially in fashion, choice of clothes and consumer goods.
    What extent do you agree or disagree? ?
    Part 1:-
    1. Do you work or study ?
    2. do you have any college friends? you like travelling?why ? you often go by aeroplanes?why? you like phone or computer?why? you think the use of internet/computers change in the future?
    how? will it increase or decrease?
    part 2
    cue card
    Describe an occasion when visitors came your home.
    who the visitors was
    what the occasion was
    what you did for the occasion and the visitor
    and explain how you felt about his visit.
    Part 3
    I don’t remember the questions from part 3..
    The examiner asked a lot of questions and she kept cutting me short as I tried answering.
    I was a bit nervous too.

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