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    PART – 1
    1. General introduction ( name , where came from )
    2. Where do you live and with whom
    3. How far is your hometown from here
    4 . Does your hometown have interesting places
    5. How long from you living there
    4. Do you done any part time or full time job
    5. what is your aim when you were child
    6. what you want to become now
    7. Do you think you preference of job will changed in future
    8. Which is the best job profession and why ?
    9 . Do you do any physical activities
    10. How important is it for doing physical activities for young people and why so ?
    11. What physical activities you do when you were in school
    PART -2
    Describe an event which you celebrate and is important for you
    What event is
    Whom is with you
    How you celebrate it
    Why it is important for you
    Task -3
    1) do you usually celebrate events
    2 ) what were the events people mostly celebrate in your country
    3) how can people assure that the event they celebrate is going good up to end ?
    More questions on international gathering
    4) what is the benefits to host country if they conduct Olympics or othere meetings
    5 ) Is there any problem for conducting it

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