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    Today I had speaking test and i gave my best as much as i could but now im very nervous and confused about my speaking which today i’ve given.

    My First part was gone well and I didn’t speak very fast as always people do. I spoke slow because i thought my examiner could understand me what i wanna say. In first part, questions were related to name, hometown, study, music and haircut. (This part was gone well according to me)

    In 2nd part, cue card It was about a job which you know and who is he/she does it? Where he she does this work? What sort of work is it? (I spoke till the end but i couldn’t speak properly like i took some pauses while speaking to think. My focus was to cover main questions which were given below the cue card and i did. So my question is that do pauses put any negative impact on my band scores?)

    In 3rd part, questions were related to work. What main quality a manager should have or has which is more important? I said, leadership quality is more important. Is leadership quality accurate answer or not? Pleasease tell me. 3/4 more questions were related to this like what they should do to be good in this field? What are problems which people face at work on first day? In this part, i also took pauses please tell me. How much it will put negative impact on my bands?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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