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    Just want to share my bit from the test I took on 28th July.
    Location: Jeddah KSA
    Part 1: Related to Vacation booking
    Part 2: Related to discussion between two students to enroll for an elective
    Part 3: Speech on Environmental project
    Part 1; True False NG for a passage on immigration to Australia
    Part 2: Fill in the blanks from the passage
    Part 3: Passage on Laughter and its components
    Part 4; Matching headings from the same passage

    Task 1: You came to know that the city council is about to bring down an old building due to lack of funds, write letter to the council mentioning;
    Why this building is important
    What can it be used in future for
    How they can generate money from it

    Task 2: Some people think that the technological advanced is encouraging more sociable behavior, while others think that it is making people less sociable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Part 1;
    What do you do
    How was your first day at job
    Where did you take your memorable day off
    Part 2:
    Share something which made you happy?
    What was it
    where was it
    Who was with you
    Part 3;
    Is money a source of happiness and questions around this topic.
    I hope this helps and thanks again, pl pray for better results

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