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    Jeddah Speaking Test on 10 th of November
    Part one
    _Birthdays and their importance ,if i celebrate my birth day , now and while i was a child
    who like more to make birthdays adults or teenagers
    Part 2
    A stranger that you met and you talk with him who and when and what said
    Part 3
    About Emails and chatting
    Do u like to talk to strangers .Why
    do you think women talk more than men
    I have a question here fortunately i was trained on the same cue card before so once i saw the question and started talking i talked very fast So i donot know if he will feel this is a memorized answer ,honestly the situation happened to me in the real but i trained on it many times ?
    Another Problem ,due to talking very fast i donot know if i complete one minute or not ,in normal for the same topic i talked for 2 min but i believe i told him the same number of woeds but in only one min ore less 55 Seconds ,after i finished i believe when he find me didnot complete the whole time asked me another question about the cue card before moving to the Part 3 ,question do u like to meet the same stranger again and why ?
    Is this will affect my score ?

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