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    Hello, I had my speaking test today 12Oct in jeddah Saudi Arabia (academic) and I’d like to share it.
    Your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do You work or study?
    Where do you study ?
    Why did you choose to study there ?
    What kind of places do you like to visit?
    Till me one interesting place that you’d like to visit now?
    Do you wear a watch? Why?
    How important is it in your country to be on time?
    Does it important for you to be on time?
    How do you feel when people are late?
    Cue Card:
    Describe a childhood friend who you remember him well
    -who’s the friend?
    -How and where did you first meet?
    -what did you do together?
    -why do you still remember him/her?
    (I don’t remember the exact questions)
    Are you still friends?
    Why do you think people would leave their childhood friend when they get older?
    What are the advantages of technology in teenagers communication?
    What is better, having alot of friends or small group of friends?
    Do you think teenagers should take advice from there friends or parents?

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