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    12 May 2018
    South Africa, Johannesburg
    General Training
    Part 1. Woman buying a bed + side table and arranging for delivery (phone call)
    Part 2. Berry farm owner instructing workers + explaining the farm layout (incl. diagram)
    Part 3. Prof talks to student on the 1st year in the lab
    Part 4. Lecture on Sustainability. Myths around it, main concept and examples of sustainable solutions
    Text 1. List of exhibitions, each with a brief description
    Text 2. Advert of a physiotherapy clinic
    Text 3. Etiquette at workplace. Tips on how to be polite
    Text 4. Company policy (rules) on Time Management.
    Text 5. Global warming topic. An expedition to explore/study melting glaciers at Uganda
    Task 1. Letter to a friend who’s been invited for an interview and asked you to give some advice. In the letter you must: 1) Ask few question about the job; 2) Give advise on the interview; 3) Propose to meet and discuss before the interview
    Task 2. Car vs bicycles as a way to travel around the city (commute around the city). Discuss both sides and give opinion.
    Part 1. Work or study? What’s your profession? Why this profession? HOw was your first day at work?
    Part 2. Cue card. What helps you to focus on work/study?
    Part 3. Why it’s important for kids to concentrate when they do sport? Does mobile phones affect kids ability to concentrate? Do you think people nowadays have issues with concentration?

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