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    IELTS exam / Jordan
    Speaking test
    Do you work/ Study
    From where you come?
    When do you usually have your meals?
    Whom so you share your meal with?
    Is it important to eat with family?
    ( cant remember 1 more)
    Cue Card;
    Talk about a rule that was applied in your school
    Do you agree/ disagree
    Part 3 Q’s on part 2 more than 7 Q’s!
    I think i did good in the first two parts didnt “humm” neither did stop or even said “you know” but there was a question in part 3 that i think i did bad in it spc. in the grammar part and repeated the same idea answering two questions ( one about empowering kids in putting rules and the one after that some teachers think they shouldnt involve kids in initiating those rules) I felt they both have the same idea so I asnwered that I personally recommend listening to kids becuase they will feel responsible and answered no on the other question to emphasize on the fact that they should be part of sitting the rules.
    Will that affect my result? Its my third time and I only need half a mark which I always lose in writinf, yet this time I am not sure if this will affect my speaking result and will have less than 7

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