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    Location Jubail KSA
    Type Gt
    Date 03-03-2018
    Real-estate conversation
    Ponyriding center registration and instructions
    Day care centers advertisement
    Apprenticeship and training courses certificates
    Skinks in Newzeland
    Task 1 message in which you thank the hotel for organizing a birthday party for a 90 years old relative.
    Task 2 some people are spending a lot of money in buying tickets for sports and culture events. Is this a good or a bad thing?
    The interview
    Where do you live in your country?
    What do you like about your hometown?
    The long turn
    one of your friends has resigned recently, describe how he benefited from his resignation?
    The discussion
    News paper vs the Internet, which do you prefer and why?
    Differences of technology now and then?
    Why children cannot make their own decisions
    Parents guiding their children choices
    Is it OK if a manager consulted one of his employees?
    Knowledge sharing
    All the best

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