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    IELTS Module:General
    Date of Test: 17-04-2018
    Place: Karachi
    SKill: Speaking (The remaining test is on 21st April)
    Part 1:
    What is your name?
    What shall i call you??
    Where do you stay?
    How far is it from the test center?
    Is your place a good part to live?
    Do you like traveling to long distances?
    Have you traveled long distance?
    Are you planning to do long distance travel
    Do you want to travel to the space?
    Part 2:
    Cue Card
    Some visitors visited you recently.
    What did they come for?
    How did you feel when they visited you?
    What did you do for them during their visit?
    Part 3:
    How in your part of the world guest are welcomed?
    Do you think it is a good thing to meet people?
    Do you think the trend of visitors coming to meet other people is decreasing?
    How can people from other country can help you to settle in when you are visiting?
    Do you think adapting to other countries culture helps in living there?
    Do we need to adapt completely to other countries culture or we should draw a boundary?

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