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    Writing Task 1:
    Two Table compares the Consumption and Production of Potatoes in 5 regions of the world in 2006.
    Writing Task 2:
    More and more Robots are used now a days in home and in work place. What do you think is it a positive or negative developments.
    section 1: school form filling ( fill in the blanks and choose the best ans)
    section 2: Renting a house (choose the best ans and map filling fill in the blanks about house map)
    section 3: Two students talking about group project on agriculture
    Section 4: fill in the blanks about the history and importance of Red colour
    passage 1: History of New Zealand discovered and settled by polynesians who developed a distinct Maori culture there. (True false and blanks easy passage)
    Passage 2: about research on ageing and Telmorase ( List of Headings)
    Passage 3: Research on Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, by many researchers (Choose the best ans/ match the following Researchers name with their research from the passage).
    Speaking part 1:
    1) name,Hometown
    2) Where do you live?
    3) Do you like where you live? Why
    3) Newspaper ( print media vs Electronic media what you prefer for reading news)
    4) Interest in National news or International news
    5) discussing news with friends
    Part 2:
    describe the thing which you recently bought
    What was the thing
    why you bought it
    from where you bought it
    how you feel about it
    Part 3: Topic Shopping
    1) Do you prefer shopping from big departmental stores or from local markets
    2) Different choice of shopping b/w boys and girls
    3) Old product quality vs new product quality do you feel any difference
    4) Why people go for a shopping?

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