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    Part 1:
    •What is the climate like in the place you live?
    •Does it rain ? How often?
    •Do you think the rain has an effect on a person’s behavior and mood?
    •How do you spend the time in the place you live ?
    Part 2:
    Describe an achievement you are proud of.
    You should say:
    •what you achieved
    •when you achieved it
    •what was difficult about achieving it
    and explain why you are proud of this achievement.
    Part 3 :
    •What are some of the greatest acheivements in the world today?
    •What do you think are the greatest acheivements of the teenagers these days ?
    • Do you think teenagers should have an aim in life ?
    •Can anyone achieve something in life or does it have to be a rich or a known person?
    The examiner asked me few additional questions.
    • Do you prefer reading newspapers or reading news on internet?
    • Which section do you read first, the news about the world or politics?

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