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    Hello. I had my exam on 13 October in Kiev, Ukraine.
    Speaking Part 1
    -do you work or study?
    -why did you choose this subject?
    – in which field do you want to work?
    – did you want to be a teacher when you was a child? why or why not?
    – did you have your favourite teacher at school?
    – can you recollect your teachers at the primary school now?
    – where do you like to go for a rest?
    – if you could go anywhere, which country would you choose? why?
    – where have you been recently?
    Part 2
    Describe a comic who is very popular in your country:
    – why is he/she very popular?
    – what is he/she like?
    – why do you enjoy her/his performances?
    Part 3
    – why are film actors so popular? what makes them popular?
    – do celebrities have to behave well? why or why not?
    – why do people, especially young people, want to be like celebrities?
    – why do popular people earn a lot of money if they don’t do anything useful for society?
    – why do children like circus?
    – what other forms of entertainment do children like?
    Writing Academic
    Task 1
    The line graph tells about Australian exports to four different countries over 20 years.
    Task 2
    People who read fo pleasure have better imagination and language skills than those who prefer watching TV. To what extent do you agree? Give reasons and examples.

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