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    Section 1.
    What is your name?
    Are you studying or working?
    What all responsibilities you have at work?
    What do you do after your work in order to relax?
    What all things you take when you go out?
    Is there any difference in the things that you take in mornings as well as evenings?
    How often you see a dream?
    Do you often remember your dreams?
    Are you interested in listening to others dreams?
    Do you wish to learn about dreams?
    Part 2
    An interesting speech that you heard?
    Who was the speaker?
    What was the speech about?
    Why you find it as interesting?
    Section 3.
    Why some people become nervous while delivering speech?
    What all things do they need to prepare for a speech?
    How can speaker gain the attention of children during speech?
    Differences between conference and discussion?
    Is discussion is more effective than conference?
    Do nations benefits from cultural exchange?how?

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