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    IELTS academic test CBT 21.02.20
    A. speaking
    part 1
    – live in apartment or house?
    – do you like the place?
    – any shop near your place?
    – pen or pencil?
    – you started writing with pencil or pen and why?
    – now you like pencil or pen?
    – how often you buy a pen?
    – do you like water activities?
    – do you prefer holiday near lake or beach?

    part 2
    – describe crowded place
    – where? why you were there? with whom?
    – will you go there again?
    – where are other crowded places in your country?
    – why people behave differently in crowded place?
    – why some people like crowded place?

    part 3
    – what do you think a good city design needs to have?
    – is it good to have more free spaces?
    – what is the effect of small places to people?

    B. listening
    – tour agent
    – maori and iwi island (map’s question)
    – discussion between student and tutor
    – (forgot)

    C. reading
    – gilbert and magnetism
    – animal and climate change
    – TEC / Hiekd and entrepreneurship

    D. writing
    – task 1: diagram picture showing the process of producing wool for personal and factory use.
    – task 2: statement about some believe that it is good having people with extremely high income in the country, while some think government should try to limit it. discuss both views and give your opinion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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