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    Hi everyone!
    Ielts Academic on 05.03.2020 Paper based

    Writing Task 1
    The process of making cheese.

    Writing Task 2
    Some people think that music plays an important role in society. Others think it is simply a form of entertainment. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    I dont remember all the questions from speaking

    part 1 – it was the usual “where you live, what kind of house do you live in,”.

    The cue card was about an useful article Ive read recently online. Here I had a mental block after 30 seconds of talking because I was so nervous. Ive had probably 30 sec break before I started speaking again. And Im so disappointed. I think its really important to be relaxed. And don’t let your emotions take over while you are speaking.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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