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    I took the test yesterday in Kuwait and had the exact same questions for the writing as the ones from Bahrain and Dubai (Radio floor plan and people wanting things without waiting)!
    I didn’t expect a diagram but I think I did ok though I wouldn’t say the same about task 2. The paragraph and structure were good but my ideas were a little under developed and I even had silly spelling mistakes (I even spelled society wrong!!) all due to tiredness and the time constrain. Regardless, I’m not aiming for a high score, anything above 5.5 would be fine by me.
    As for the rest of the test (from what I can recall)
    Section 1 was a phone conversation about gym membership.
    Section 2 about a centre for elderly people.
    Section 3 about ancient Japanese art
    Passage 1 was about historical Australian paintings and art.
    Passage 2 about indoor pollution.
    Passage 3 about academic research in universities.
    All in all, I think the most important thing is managing your time well because even after studying, this was what made me so silly mistakes especially in writing!
    I hope I can get the score I’m aiming for!

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