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    I gave my exam on 18/1/ 2018 in kuwait.
    It was fine..except reading which was really 3rd passage
    Asked questions
    Speaking:-r u student or working
    -Wht did u qualify with to be suitable for this job.
    Did u njoy ur school days
    Who was ur best teacher n why
    He was d first day was in highschool as u remember..
    What is ur meal routines
    Do u like eating alone or with sumone
    Have ur eating habits changed from d past
    Do u often eat outside?
    Part 2-achievement you r proud of.
    What .why ..what u r proud of
    Part 3-
    -is it necessary to have long term goals in life?
    -whethr it’s ok to stop achieving after experiencing repeated failures?
    _how employees can be motivated in their job
    What can we modify or improve to make the employees work better
    ..examiner was very friendly u ..n clear n loud..m very happy with him
    Reading was 1st-slow food vs fast food
    2nd passage-hypermilling
    3rd passage-history of economic growth in Britain in 5th to 19th century usual tough..cudnt find d answers…
    Writing task1-given table about percentage individual spending in Australia in 1986 to 2009 on care.other.electricity.gas..n etc 10 things comparison
    Writing task 2-
    Science tells us some activities are dangerous to health.but some people continue to live unhealthy.
    What are the causes of this&what can be done to solve this problem

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