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    I had my IELTS speaking test yesterday, August 12th in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Here are my questions:

    Part one
    Do you work or study?
    What time of the day do you work best, morning or evening?
    Types of apps available
    Which ones are the most downloaded and why do people download them?
    What type of app would you like to have on your phone or computer?
    What type of app would you like to create?

    Part two
    Describe an important event which you celebrated in the past.
    you should say
    -what it was
    -where it was held
    -who you celebrated with
    Explain why the event was so important to you

    Part three
    Should people celebrate every event?
    Some people are of the opinion that birthdays should not be celebrated… do you agree or disagree?
    Have you ever attended an outdoor event before?
    Which one do you prefer, indoor or outdoor events?
    Tell me about an outdoor event you attended as a child.
    Do you think people spend too much money on events?
    Give an example of an event that people spend too much money on?
    Are there advantages in hosting an international event by a nation?
    What are the advantages?
    What are the disadvantages?
    These are the questions I can remember.
    Thanks .

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