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    I had my IELTS exam in Lagos, 17th & 18th of August.

    General Questions
    Where do you live?- Apartment or House
    Why an Apartment
    Do most people live in apartment
    Do you think you might live in a house in the future
    Which city would you like to visit
    What kind of sport do you like?
    Why do you like that sport
    Do you have amateur sports in your country
    What are the benefits
    What are the benefits and drawbacks of loyalty to a club

    WRITING- General Training
    You have had problems with a changing room in a sports centre. You have made some complaints but nothing has been done about it. Write a letter to the Manager stating:
    The issues with the changing rooms
    What has been done about it
    What you want the Manager to do
    Task 2
    Some people think it’s a good idea to wear a uniform at work. Do you agree or disagree. Give reasons for your answer with relevant examples from knowledge or experience.

    Passages on conducting a test in Mount Everest, (follow up questions), Setting up a cafe, Summer holiday camp for kids (matching headings)

    Booking a driving test, Summer holiday camp, talk about taking samples from Cape Brenton and Talk about some historic mining in the 1700 in Canada.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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