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    Hi, here are the questions i was asked.
    Lagos Nigeria (Ikoyi)
    PART 1
    What’s your name
    Where do you live
    How long have you lived there & why do you like it
    How do you check the time
    Do young people keep to time
    Why do you keep to time
    What do you do if you have to wait for someone
    Do young adults keep to time more than old people
    PART 2
    Cue card
    Speak about a good parent you know
    -who the parent is
    -how you met that parent
    -how they act with their child / children
    PART 3
    I was asked questions about parenting skills
    If parents put too much pressure on their teenage child(ren)
    The type of parenting skills used in my country.
    I wish everyone yet to write their speaking test and those scheduled to write reading, writing and listening test SUCCESS!!!

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