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    Part 1:
    1. What is your full name?
    2. Where are living?
    3. Can I see your I.D?
    4. How far is the examination centre from your home?
    5. How long have you been living in your hometown?
    6. What is the most interesting place in your town?
    Part 2:
    Cue Card: Describe the latest development (e.g park, shopping mall, road etc) in your town where you live?
    * What impact made by the latest development?
    * What is there before the development?
    * How long did it take to complete?
    * Describe the benefit which you have with this development.
    Follow Up Questions:
    1. what your opinion about new development?
    2. Govt. have some rules and regulation to construct a building. What do you think why it is important to have regularity authority?
    3. What about the design of a building, is that effect by these rules?
    Part 3:
    1. What type of public transport do people use in your country?
    2. What are the issues people face in your country regarding public transport?
    3. How can Govt. be benefited from public transport?

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