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    *Part 1
    -What’s your full name ?
    -Where are you from ?
    -Do you work or study ?
    -What do you study ?
    -Do you usually remeber your dreams when you wake up ?
    -Do you like to know about ather people dreams ?
    -Do you believe that dreams have meaning ?
    -Would you like to study or know more about dreams ?
    -What do you think or feel about robots ?
    -What you would feel if you were in car which a robot is driving ?
    -Did you like robot when you as a child and when you saw them on TV/cartoons?
    *Part 2
    Describe a shop that opened in your city/town
    You should say :
    Where it is
    What it sells
    Who would go there
    and why do think this shop would be successful
    *Part 3
    Questions like
    How shops can attract cotumers
    How the younger people would be attracted to a shop
    Do you think that online ads would attract the youger people or the older people
    And finally how do you think that price and quality would affect on a costumer to purchase a product

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