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    3rd March: Academic – Lisbon, Portugal
    Writing part 1: compare 2 bar charts that illustrated the proportion of boys and girls at primary school and secondary school in 2018 all over the world (developed, underdeveloped and developing countries)
    Writing part 2:
    In many countries, plastic shopping bags are the main type of rubbish. They cause water pollution and land pollution, so they should be banned. To what extent do you agree?
    Speaking part 1:
    Questions related to giving and receiving gifts, questions related to newspapers and questions “do you work or do you study”, “do you have many friends in your university”,
    Speaking part 2:
    Describe an area of water in your country (e.g. lake, river, sea)
    Speaking part 3: many questions about oceans and rivers and modes of transport in both of them as well as if they are important for tourism and commerce, etc etc

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