IELTS Exam – London – June 18 2017

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    Hi dear Atul,Many thanks for all your supports & really helpful tips, lessons and practices.

    I had my academic exam on 17th June 2017
    At London – Hammersmith centre
    Writing Task 1: 2 pie charts comparing the qualifications of a company’s workforces in 1980 & 2008 in 3 categories of PhD, masters and first degree
    Writing Task 2: some countries show their criminal trials on tv for people to watch.
    Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

    Part1: what’s your full name, where are you from? 5 questions about hometown + 5 household chores + 5 going out for vacation… more than 15 questions!!!
    Que card: a famous person you wish to be like him/her
    What do you know about her/him before became famous?
    When did you first know him/her?
    Explain why you wish to be like him her?
    Part3: celebrities / society/ fans and followers/ their private life

    I don’t know why she asked me more than 15 q in part 1 ! I was really relax, I talked as long as she stopped me for the next one and answered well, though. In part 3 she just asked 2 questions!

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