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    I wrote the exam on 24.06.2017 in London.
    Task 1:Table – Australian retired single person and couples (two people) spending money for seven different categories (housing,clothing,food,transport,leisure,medical and other) weekly and also mentioned weekly total expense.unites are measured in dollar($).
    Task 2:(sorry i couldn’t remembered the whole question)it was related to Global environmental damage lies politicians should be the part,individual can do something more than them.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Reading: All three passage was quite easy.
    Listening: It was not cleared and I spoke with two other candidates after the exam,they also mentioned about the clarity.
    Speaking: Part 1: Where you come from,do you planning to settle there in future? why? and related questions.
    Friendship: do you prefer many friends or a one good friend? Why and importance of friendship?
    Part 2: Topic-Weather
    1.How many seasons does your country have?
    2.What’s your favorite season of the year?Why?
    3.How all seasons affect people daily life?
    4.Which season most people like?
    Spring season (I spoke about all seasons and my favorite season spring)
    Does the seasons affect any festivals in your country?How and Why?
    Do you think world’s weather is changing?How and Why? Solutions.
    Climate change and global warming
    Causes,example and solutions
    Thank you very much Atul,your website is really help me a lots…
    Good luck for all…
    Thanks and Regards

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