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    Test date: 24/03/2017
    Location : UK
    1-about folk music festival (easy)
    2-about fishing license (I found this really hard ,)
    3-about hiteki statues
    4-don’t remember (but her accent was easy to understand)
    Reading :
    1-Australian water supply
    2-about hibernation
    3-About Sherlock holmes ( very hard and extremely boring)
    Task 1:
    Two pie charts and a bar chart about the amount and types of water in the world
    Task 2:people are using socialmedia on daily basis to keep in touch with others and for news updates.
    Do you think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
    Speaking :
    Some questions about raining
    Some questions about my preference in travel,like which type of transport I like ,why?
    Cue card: a foreign person who I found interesting
    Part 3
    Questions about working in an international firm with forigners,it’s advantages and disadvantages
    International products :Doble have to buy or not ,why?
    How can we persuade ppl to buy their local products?
    Why ppl like to buy international products?
    Thats all,wish me luck
    Thanks again.

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