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    I had exam on 11 august in India (ludhiana)
    Part 1
    What is your name ?
    What shall i call you ?
    Do you live in a house or appartment ?
    What is your favorite room ?
    Do you use map ?
    Which kind of map do you prefer paper or electronic ? Why ?
    Why people use electronic maps?
    Do you ever ask directions from somebody ?
    Do you write letters ?
    How often do you write?
    What do you think about email?
    Is email obselete letters?
    Part 2
    Describe a comic actor of your country ?
    You should say
    1. Where he is from
    2. Why do you like it ?
    3. Why he or she is interesting
    Part 3
    She ask follow up from me , but she forget to taking cue card list back . She realised when i speak my whole answer
    1. Do your family or friend like this actor
    2. Why comic actors earning so much money
    3. Why thy are famous more than ever before
    4. Os your friends follow the way actors behavie like dressing sense , hairstyle , behaviour
    5. Do you think filmstar spend money wisely ?
    I stammer in one follow up question otherwise it went well ..
    Thank you

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