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    Hi..I gave my speaking exam on 23rd august in ludhiana, Punjab,India.
    The examiner was a foreigner.She asked me questions written below-
    1. do you work or study?
    2.why did you choose to study in an open institution? people like to be on time in your country? u like to be on time?
    5.what dou you feel when you wait for someone? children learn saving money from their parents?
    7.did u save money when u were a child?
    8.did you get any money when u helped in your house when u were young? u get pocket money?
    cue card- describe a journey where you used public transport.
    where you went?
    which type of transportation u took to reach there?
    what u felt about that journey….
    she stopped me in almost 1 minute….but i know i was not off-track.
    then she continued with the follow-up questions.. u often use public transport?
    2.which kind of transport is available in your home country as well as hometown?
    3.what are some advantages and disadvantages of using public transport? having a car makes a good status of people in your country?
    5.why do people use their personal vehicles?

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