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    General, 03-03-2018 , Madurai, India
    British council
    I had my LRW today.
    Task 2
    Some people spend lot of money in sport is activities or cultural events. is it a good thing or a bad thing?
    Task 1
    You had recently organized the 90th birthday party of one of your relatives in which many elderly people participated. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel explaining about the success of the occasion
    Explain about the event
    How was it successful
    You saw one the hotel staffs helping ( I don’t remember the exact words)
    I didn’t expect, but there were 5 passages (2 in section 1 and 2 ) in total for reading. Yet I was able the complete it before 10 mins. Your tutorials and tips helped me in finishing it. And the writing tutorial for task 2 was of great assistance to know what the examiner expect and I was able to present in it an organized manner. Above all, this recent updates of the exam is very useful. I practiced most of the recent ones before the test.

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