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    Hi everyone!
    I had my exam on 10 February, in Malang (on behalf of IALF Surabaya)
    Task 1: Four pie charts regarding the result of the survey conducted by a university library about its services.
    Task 2: In many countries, the tradition of families having meals together is disappearing.
    Why is that happen? What will be the effects of it to the family and the society?
    Part 1: What do you do? (Study)
    What do you like about your major?
    Did you want to study that major?
    The tradition of giving the name in your country. Does your name have any meaning?
    Do people have a certain tradition when given birth?
    Part 2: Describe a book that you really like to read
    Part 3: What kind of book do people in your country like to read?
    Do you think older people would like to read books that usually read by younger people?
    Do you think it’s better to watch the movie first then read the original book or read the book first then watch the movie?
    Do you think by watching the movie, people will be encouraged to read the original book?
    Best luck for those who’ll take the test! And hoping the best for my test result as well
    Best regards!

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