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    Hi Atul,
    Sorry I didn’t notice I only done 1 payment. Anyway I had my exam yesterday for speaking and the rest this morning.
    Sharing on the topic I got:
    – where do I live
    – what do I like about it
    – how long it takes to get to work
    – what do I do while in the car
    – cue card to talk about times I am glad I have my phone with me. Who was with me? What was I doing? Why I’m glad to have my phone at that time?
    – news on social media good or bad?
    – news getting faster is it good or bad?
    – do you think online relationship going to replace actual relationship?

    TASK 1, the company you work for has operate for 25 years. Yout manager ask employees to suggest ways to celebrate it. Write a letter to your manager about below
    – what are the things to do for the event
    – how that could help
    – how you could help

    TASK 2, In the part of many countries, the amount of rubbish(garbage) is an increasing problem.
    What are the causes of these problems ?
    What can be done?

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