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    9 Feb 2018
    -Personal questions
    -teenagers? Do you know any teenagers?
    -favorite activities for teenager in your city ?
    -what do you think about teenager fashion ?
    -what is the most thing you like it in your teenager age ?
    Part 2
    Tell me about a businessperson that you admire about
    – who is he/she
    – what do he/she sells
    – why do you admire him
    – what business is thriving in your country
    – what is needed to be a successful business person ?
    – do you think people should stick to one business or change every now and then?
    – do you think people working in business need to be hard hearted?
    – what do you think about reputation in business ?
    Is it important?
    – do you think the way we conduct business is different since the rising of social media ?
    Task 1 – Line graph of 3 crimes (car theft, House burglaring/street robbery) from 1970-2005 in England and Wales.
    Task 2 – students in school and university learn far more by lessons with their teachers compared to other sources. (Eg: television, the internet). Do you agree or disagree?
    Ps- is it common for the speaking part 3 to be asked until 6 questions? Or is it because my answers weren’t good that the examiner have to ask me more?

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