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    Hi,I just finished the test on 24/03/18 in Malaysia.
    Here are the topics :
    Writing Task 1 – 2 Pie Charts,comparison of types of jobs in Ashby (UK Town) and whole UK
    Writing Task 2- Museums and art galleries should concentrate on local works,not showing the cultures or artworks from other countries.To what extent do you agree?
    Speaking :
    1- Are you student/work?
    2-what is your job?
    3-Do you need any training for your job?
    4-Do you think you need training in future for your job purpose?
    5-What are you doing together with your family during free time in your younger age?
    6-What are you doing together with family when you get older?
    7-Where do you want to travel with your family in future?
    Q2 – Share about your country traditional products
    Q3- Do you think goverment should support our traditional products?
    -How do you think globalization affect tradiotional products?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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