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    Hi, I did my speaking today Nov.2 here in manila Philippines. I just want to share my experience with all of you guys!
    Part 1
    Are you working or studying?
    Do you like the environment at your work place?
    Do you want some improvements with your work place?
    Do you visit parks?When did you last visited a park?why?
    Do you prefer parks with open are or parks with leisure facilities?
    Part 2
    Talk about a complaint which gave you good results.
    Part 3
    Do you usually complain?
    Is it good for companies to have someone who will deal with these kinds of complaints?
    and a lot of questions if for example companies will benefit from these complaints?

    It is my 3rd attempt and it was quiet unexpected on my part to have an examiner who was quiet engaging in a conversation.He likes to throw a lot of arguments and discussions. I was also asked if i like to cook?when was the last time i cooked?do you prefer to dine in a restaurant or to cook?All in all it was nice, I even had a chat with one of the invigilator, it was so nice of her to do this even if it was not part of her job to take so that the test takers will feel comfortable and less anxious before doing the speaking exam.

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