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    I am from Manila, Philipppines. I just had my speaking exam yesterday and below are the topics in my speaking exam:
    Task 1:
    -Do you remember your first day at work
    -Tell me something about a foreign food you just experienced.
    -Are foreign food popular in your country?
    -Do you think it will still be popular in the future?
    -During your childhood days, do your parents ask you to do household chores in exchange of money?
    -Do you save when you were a child?
    Task 2:
    -Tell me about the recent happening in your life that made you happy.
    *What is it?
    *Who are you with?
    *Where did it happened?
    Task 3:
    -Are you happy with your job?
    -Do you think job satisfaction is important?
    -If Filipinos are happy with their job why is it people still goes abroad?
    -Do you think money make people happy?
    -Can you differentiate happiness from money and happiness from relationship?
    -Do you think money alone can make people happy?
    -Why do you think Filipinos are still happy despite different challenges in life like typhoon?
    These are the questions that I remember tho it is not the exact sentence construction, the thought is there. Will be taking my written exams on Saturday.

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