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    Today I appeared for Ielts General computer based exam

    Speaking Questions about current accommodation and why u like?
    What is the significance of number?
    What is your favorite number and why?
    What is the best age of child to sent to school and why?
    Do you like water sports?
    Which water sport you want and want to participate?
    What are the qualities a teacher should have?
    Describe your best teacher and his qualities?

    Part 2:
    Describe a time when someone suggest you?
    Who is that person? What is/are the suggestions?
    How did you implement in your life?

    Part 3:
    Some questions on relation of technology with human being. I can’t recall exactly

    Part 3: questions level of difficulty was fine but speed was very fast.

    Reading: I found it difficult and lengthy

    Writing Task 1
    Write a letter to a friend to invite him for a vacation? Why u want to go on a vacation? Where your r planning to go? Why you want this friend to accompany you?

    Writing Task 2
    Are people getting over dependent on internet and phone Is it a positive or negative development?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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