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    General test on 8/7/17 in Melbourne, Australia.
    Task 1: Letter to my manager to request permission to change a room in the company for staff break times.
    Task 2: There has been an ever-increasing amount of noise….(forgot the rest of the question) Why is this a problem? How do you think this problem can be solved? Give your reasons and provide examples from your own knowledge or experience.
    Part 1: Dreams. Do you often have dreams? Do you believe dreams have meanings? Would you like to know more about dreams?
    Part 2: Describe a holiday where you would like to visit in the future. Where would you like to visit? Who would you like to go with? Which places would you visit? Explain reasons why you would visit this place.
    Part 3: Have you spoken to anyone about this plan? What are the problems tourists face when travelling to another country?
    *There were other questions but I can’t remember very clearly.*

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