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    Academic test
    Melbourne, Australia
    Writing Task 1
    Table- daily oil production in 4 African countries between year 2000 – 2005
    Writing Task 2
    In many places, people’s lifestyles have changed rapidly. This affects family relationships.
    Discuss whether these developments outweigh the disadvantages.

    *would you be able to provide some guidance on how to tackle this question from your view please?
    Speaking Task 1
    What’s your full name
    Where do you live, apartment or house?
    Which room is your favourite room? Why?
    Have you had any food from overseas when you’re little?
    What kind of foreign food is popular in your country?
    Do you think there will be more foreign food available in your country in the future? why?
    Did you try any new foreign food recently?
    Part 2
    Discuss a time when you helped someone in your work /studies.
    -Who did you help
    -Why did you help
    The marker asked one more question in the end: have you always been helping people in studies?
    Part 3
    What kind of job do you think require teamwork?
    What quality is required to be a team member?
    Do you think people with similar mindset or opposite mindset is better for a team?
    *forgets what is the exact question* Do you think different countries need to work along as a team to solve issue? / what kind of issue do you think different countries need to work together?

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