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    I appeared for speaking today..
    IELTS academic,26th june, 2018, Melbourne
    I am a Microbiologist from India..
    Part 1
    Whats your Name?
    Do you work/study?
    Why did you choose that subject?
    Did you like growing plant in your choldhood? Why?
    Would you like to receive a plant as a gift?
    What occupations are important in your country?
    Why do peole change their job?
    Is it easy to change job? Why?
    Part 2
    A job you want yo do in future
    Part 3
    Does people work hard for their career?
    What do they need to sacrifice for that?
    Is it worthwhile to do so according to you?
    Is it easy to change job easily in your field? Why!

    I just had one question .. my speaking test was finished super early like 12- 13 minutes.. moroever the examiner interrupted me while speaking in part 3, he didnt allow me to finish my sentences.. like i wanted to say more bit he quickly jump to next.. why so?.. however i was quiet fluent in all parts and i also used nice expressions 2-3 idioms appropriately and some vocab as well.. he was friendly and quite positive.. i need 8 each.. hoping for d best..
    thanks again… i made a list of all d recent topics from your website.. and practiced a lot..

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