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    Academic 16-09-2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    Task 1: two plans, first from 1965 (couple of houses, trees and a river), the second plan from present day with a planned development for 2018 (more houses, a bridge instead of a ferry etc.)
    Task 2: Students in many countries lack understanding how to manage their money after they graduate high school (do not remember exact words)
    3 articles, topics: South Pacific food culture, Museums, Translating and interpreting
    1st: call between a customer and a motorhome rental company
    2nd: teacher informing students about details of their excursion
    3rd: two students talking about their project about Stone Point in New Zealand
    4th: description of a new method of farming vegetable
    Cue card Part 2: Describe a place where you went where there were a lot of people
    – What was happening there
    – Who did you go with
    – Why people go there
    Part 3: questions like: Pros and contras of living in an apartment building? Should people have some time only for themselves? (do not recall more)
    Now just wait for the results and hope for the best…
    Warm regards,

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