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    Hi .. I practiced some speaking topics here before my test yesterday and got exactly the same one of the topics here.
    Test Date: 16/09/2017
    Melbourne, Australia
    Part 1: Where do you live?
    How is your neighborhood like?
    Do you like your own house? Why?
    How do people celebrate a birthday in your country?
    Which birthday is the most important one in your country?
    When was your favorite part in your birthday when you were a child?
    Part 2: Describe the situation when you recently move your home/ school
    Part 3: Why people move house in your country?
    Don’t you think children like to change house than adults?
    Why don’t some people like change?
    What are the advantages of people staying in one house for the whole life and people keeping on moving houses?
    Is Email still popular in your country?
    Do you think email will disappear in the future?
    Do you like to communicate with others by calling them?
    Task 1: two maps comparing the changes of a place in the past, present, and future.
    Task 2: Nowadays young people don’t know the importance of financial management after they finish high schools. Cause and solution?
    Reading was easier than what I expected, but the speaking in listening was faster than before.

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