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    My test was on 28,October in Melbourne
    Q-Where are you from?Tell me something about the city or town you live
    Q- What do you like about the city?
    Q-How do teenagers in your country spend their leisure time? Do you live with teenagers?Are you familiar with teenager fashion?
    Cue card-Describe a piece of furniture you like at home(modern or traditional style),the color of it, who bought it?what’s your feeling about it?
    Following questions-Who normally make the decision of buying furniture in your country?What’s the difference between family and company of buying furniture?Do you think the furniture can show the personality of the owner?
    1.Compare the differences between two maps
    2.In some countries students pay the college and university fees themselves,but in others the fees are paid by government money.Does the advantages of government money outweigh the disadvantages?
    (in the first body paragraph I talked about the advantages of self-support, and in the second one I discussed the advantages and then disadvantages.I’m not sure if I’ve gone off topic, because it asked only to describe the government money.)
    1.A woman called the insurance company about her car
    2.General information about a new established community center and the map of it
    3.How to protect the kiwi bird
    4.Human are born with counting ability, even infants can count

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